The Players

Our team:


Milton Horowitz


Milton M. Horowitz is a director and writer from Cleveland, Ohio that sold his first film while attending Cleveland State University before he graduated.


Ryan Forte

Associate Producer

Ryan Forte is an award winning video producer who formed Forte Nox Productions in 2012 while studying Film & Digital Media at Cleveland State University.


Megan Waters


Megan Waters is President and Executive Producer of Water Tree Media, Inc. Her 9 years experience in film, TV and commercial production makes her a sharp producer when it comes to planning, budgeting, and negotiating. Waters resides in Long Beach California.


Deanna Dionne


Deanna Dionne creates branding from logo to website and everything in-between. She moved to Cleveland from Detroit in 2014 and is excited to contribute to its burgeoning art scene.

Sound Engineers:


James Kananen

Drawing from his experience at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and a background deeply rooted in music and the arts; James currently works at the Grog Shop as a live sound engineer. With literally thousands of hours operating a mixing board mixing international touring acts and locals alike, James draws parallels between his job and the equipment he operates. “The artist is the painter, I am the brush…I strive to capture the vision of the sound in the only way I know how, honestly, with attention to detail, ruthlessly defending the perspective of the performer.”


Henri K. W. Rapp

As early as 2nd grade, Henri began exploring basic and advanced electronics; so when he began to play music by the age of 14, the technical background he had already acquired became a natural gateway into Audio Engineering. Though Henri consistently produces quality recordings, he believes every project is an opportunity to learn. In Henri’s opinion, a record is a time capsule, conveying a moment, space, and feeling. In the interest of protecting these qualities, he strives to capture great sounds full of character that already fit together in an organic way.


Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher, born 1991 is a Massachusetts native and graduate of Oberlin College’s studio art division. Gallagher has provided the inertia to make 3 Doors a cultural hotspot of Oberlin hosting over 60 musical performances since July 2013. When not in the visual studio, Matthew is in the audio studio working on improvised musique concrete, industrial and field recording under the Machine Listener moniker.


William Lennox

Heavy into computers, programming and the workings of it as well as bass infused electronic music with a lot of soul and emotion. Always grinding on projects and in search of new knowledge. From Mastering tunes, to producing, to making robots, to programming desktop applications or in general just solving the worlds electronic problems. A Few At a Time while Grooving to some Hard Bass that just rinses the soul.