Gun Powder Treason


Listen in as the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Sumner (Jack Matuszewski), regales us in the story of the gunpowder plot of 1605. The Queen (Sarah Moore) is none-too-happy with the tradition and is seeking to have it banned from being a holiday anymore. As the Archbishop tell his tale we get to hear a romanticized version of the actual facts that took place leading up to the scandal. This may or may not be the way Guy Fawks Day came about on that legendary November the 5th, but The Cleveland Radio Players would like to think it happened something like this…

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The Cleveland Radio Players is the only company dedicated to the production of modern radio plays in the 21st century. Our radio plays include a unique voice for each character, sound effects, and music for an engaging listening experience. No other acting ensemble produces dramatized or Radio Play style storytelling from live performances. The Cleveland Radio Players reproduce works of living playwrights only.


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