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When it comes to pirate ships, you might have heard about the HMS Bounty, or the Flying Dutchman, or even the Black Pearl, but have you heard tale of the Jolly Frogger? Well, there’s probably a good reason for that, considering one of the most ridiculous mutinies took place aboard that ship. That’s right, Captain Gray Beard’s days as Captain are numbered as his crew refuses to take orders from their new first mate, The Dreaded Pirate Silk-Pants, due to his new dancing and singing routines. All heck breaks loose when the once-fearsome crew finds out their new work orders require them to fish for frog legs in the Orient instead of continuing their stereotypical pirate-like activities. Will the crew be successful in their mutiny on the Jolly Frogger? Tune in to find out.

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(in order of appearance)

  • Beau Reinker (Captain Gray Beard)
  • Kat Bi (Bar Wench)
  • Charles Hargrave (One-Eyed Jack)
  • Cat Kenney (Toothy)
  • Ned Kalafat (Drunk Pete)
  • Eric Sever (Silk Pants)
  • Llenelle Gibson (Pirate Gang)
  • Deanna Dionne (Pirate Gang)
  • David Flynt (Pirate Gang)
  • Michael Lawrence (Pirate Gang)
  • Jack Hunt (Pirate Gang)

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The Cleveland Radio Players is the only company dedicated to the production of modern radio plays in the 21st century. Our radio plays include a unique voice for each character, sound effects, and music for an engaging listening experience. No other acting ensemble produces dramatized or Radio Play style storytelling from live performances. The Cleveland Radio Players reproduce works of living playwrights only.


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