Sweetwater Files: Battle of Wills



Habeas Corpus is exactly the kind of thing Sweetwater would claim if he thought it would get his client off the hook. Only thing is– Sweetwater’s not that kind of attorney anymore. With the help of his broken-English sidekick Manetti and secretary Miss Rivers, Sweetwater begins taking any job he can to keep his legal practice afloat, and this particular case is anything but ordinary. In this episode, Sweetwater is ordered to attend a will reading for a unknown client that has named Sweetwater an heir of a fortune he knows nothing about. The entire Worthington family is overly curious as to who Sweetwater is and why he has been fingered as the executor of the estate. With mystery and deception afoot, this case stinks like the agony of defeat. However, the attorney and his gumshoe have no gum on their shoes. Tune in as they plan to get to the bottom of this will reading circus that Sweetwater has become ringleader of!

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