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Teleporterz Radio Play – Digital Download


When Mike’s friends, Gregg and Mathias, get bored, bad things happen. Especially with a teleporting time travelling portable toilet at their disposal. Listen to this found-footage-style radio play as Orator, the sophisticated artificially intelligent robot dictates the long-lost archives of the world’s first team of Teleporterz. In this pilot episode, the Teleporterz travel back to ancient Rome in the year 80 A.D. Things take a turn for the worst when Rufus, the Roman guard, has to lock them in a dungeon for blasphemy. Will they escape Rome with their heads attached? … Tune in to find out.

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(in order of appearance)

  • Deanna Dionne (Orator)
  • Logan Smith (Mike)
  • Cory Shy (Matthias)
  • Andrew Jurcak (Gregg)
  • Jack Hunt (Rufus)
  • Giovanni Castiglione (The Thief)
  • Charles Hargrave (Titus)
  • David Flynt (Culus)
  • KTCV (The Prostitute)
  • Kat Bi (The Merchant)
  • Denny Castiglione (The Guard)

About The Cleveland Radio Players

The Cleveland Radio Players is the only company dedicated to the production of modern radio plays in the 21st century. Our radio plays include a unique voice for each character, sound effects, and music for an engaging listening experience. No other acting ensemble produces dramatized or Radio Play style storytelling from live performances. The Cleveland Radio Players reproduce works of living playwrights only.


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